An exclusive format where food, drinks and entertainment combine in a new way of living dinner.
Canteen’s Mexican cuisine proposes traditional plates and the chef’s suggestions with an international touch, replicating the same menù for every opening and characterizing only specific plates depending on the local territory. The Tequila bar, main character of the restaurant and one of the signature elements of Canteen, will bring you through a sensational experience where to taste more than 100 Tequilas; classic, or one of the many signature cocktails uniquely created by our Mixologist. In every city, you will feel like home being embrace thanks to our typical atmosphere: brick walls, provocative neon signs, furniture directly imported by Tijuana, tables made of molten rock hand drawn with Mexican traditional motives by master artisans, and everything rigorously illuminated by candles. A unique atmosphere, signed Canteen! Music is also one of the basic elements of this format, being supported by international DJ’s that will animate the nights of Canteen worldwide. Feel embraced by the warmth and glee with the perfect mix between dining and entertainment!